About Ant Smythe

Ant began his career in photography and videography in 1984, as a set assistant in Johannesburg, South Africa. Soon thereafter he moved into the camera department to train as a 2nd assistant camera-man. It was in this capacity that Ant worked on his first feature film, American Ninja 2 (1987). Other features which he worked on as 2nd AC include Platoon Leader, The Air Up There and A Good Man in Africa. Ant was afforded operation as a 1 st AC in 1989, for the production of American Ninja 3. After this, he completed 1 st assistant camera-work on numerous features, commercials and music videos, both in Southern Africa and in the UK.

1998 saw Ant, in collaboration with his brother Tim, venture to the Middle East to establish the production company, Filmworks, and equipment rental house, Filmquip Media, both based in Dubai. During this period, Ant continued to cultivate his personal career as a director of photography, taking a special interest in the capturing of cars for commercials.

In 2006, Ant assumed full responsibility for Filmquip Media operations, partnering with ARRI Media UK, to become the leading equipment rental house in the region. In 2007, he founded the only freelance film agency in the area, Media Crew.

Ant’s ongoing passion for directing photography has seen him involved in several American studio projects, as an aerial camera-man and first unit operator. These projects include Syriana (2005), The Kingdom (2007), Mission Impossible 4 (2011) and Bourne Legacy (2012).

Currently, Ant resides between South Africa and Dubai, where he continues to embrace and explore digital media in all its ever-evolving forms.

Ant’s Films


Stephan Gaghan
The Kingdom

Peter Berg
Aerial DOP, Camera Operator
City of Life

Ali Mostafa
Aerial DOP, Camera Operator
Mission Impossible 4

Brad Bird
Camera Operator
Bourne Legacy

Tony Gilroy
Camera Operator

Toby Hooper
Camera Operator